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Through My Eyes

STYLE – My vision of what style is and how I interpret a client’s style preferences in 3 dimensional space to create their environments takes a personal perspective. I’ve learned that my approach to creating an interior design is very much based on discovering and defining the client’s style first – and then amassing the right elements with which to express that style.

My designs are AUTHENTIC – They are designs that are inspired by nature or by things that are real, be it a childhood experience remembered by the client with fondness, or a favourite souvenir or piece of art picked up during their travels, or an affinity for a specific period in time, or their preference in music, travel, art, personal interests or family activities. All are elements I draw upon to bring  their personal vision into the space that would bring them comfort and motivate, inspire and enhance their lives.

Because I take such care in matching the final design with the character of my clients, the use of  INTELLIGENT design becomes key. I need to use the most INTUITIVE designs to match personality with the location, size and configurations presented to me.

The result is absolute QUALITY – My approach to design, use of materials and understanding of fabrication methods (whether they be for ready made furniture or custom pieces) produces a product that stands out in the industry.

TECHNOLOGY, and the knowledge of how to apply it, is key when creating authentic, intelligent design. We are living in a very interesting era for designers as the baby boomers apply technology to every part of their lives to make life easier in such a fast paced time. Kitchens, living spaces, bathrooms – I love what I can find to make a space ‘work efficiently’ within a stunning design for my clients – it’s so exciting! I strongly believe that good design is APPROPRIATE to the problem being resolved and that there are degrees of solutions depending upon the intent of the outcome.

My PASSION is to work with people who are looking for unique, original designs who value my approach and my beliefs about what good design is…..and isn’t. I believe that ORIGINALITY has been smothered by ‘branding’ in our mass culture by uber-consumerism – I want my work to be above this trend. I aim to be the FACILITATOR that prompts the beginning of new opportunities for my client.

MY PROCESS – As a highly engaged member of my project teams, I bring my client’s vision to life using a proven ‘professional services’ delivery model with 3 distinct phases:

PLAN – Define a clear design vision and master plan through:

  • Functional analysis
  • Space planning & layouts

DESIGN – Deliver relevant, innovative solutions which convey my client’s unique style:

  • Interior Design – conceptual design, lighting design, materials specification, colour strategy, custom furniture and millwork design,
  • Product Specification and Scope of Work – furniture plans, working drawings for fabrication, tender documents for contracting

MANAGE – Total project management of:

  • Budgets/Schedules – preparation/management of project budgets, schedules and quotes
  • Procurement – coordination of all purchases on behalf of Owners
  • Project Management – of trades and suppliers (pre-, during and post construction), project and budget tracking, post-mortem review

Of the over 400 residential renovations I have worked on, ranging from Kitchen & Bath ($15k to $200k) to Residential Additions ($250k) to high-end Custom New Home Design & Construction (10,000 sq. ft., $3M) the most ambitious renovation of my career has been my own Manotick home, the A. Y. Jackson studio.