2nd Time Around

Irene StaronWhy 2nd Time Around?
Many of my clients come to me when they have gently used items to sell; furniture, light fixtures, etc. Of course I want to help my clients – it’s what I do. So… I have created this new page, 2nd Time Around, where I will post photos of my clients previously enjoyed items – for sale.

Because I understand the style of the item, and in many cases, picked it out myself in the first place, I know where it would work best in a home and could help my client’s visualize a use or location for each item.

For Instance: A client is selling her light fixture that I helped her select when she moved into her home 6 years ago. She wants something different and was wondering if I know anyone who could use it. Of course I do.

My clients already think of me as a resource and go to my website on a regular basis for inspiration – now there will be more to see! So check back to see what’s for sale.