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Living Spaces – Interior | Exterior

  • Personalized selection and placement of colour, lighting, fabrics, furniture, floor coverings, window treatments, accessories and personal items.
  • Access to the latest new designer products direct from the manufacturer for fabric, occasional furniture, accessories, specialty items and more.
  • Selective shopping to help you find ‘that perfect piece’ to finish your home with antiques, art, accessories, furniture and more.
  • Exterior design consultation services which include advice on garden art, sculpture and commissioned pieces.

Our full range of personal, professional and innovative design services help to:

PLAN a clear, well defined design vision and flexible master plan that:

  • maximize the return on your real estate investment with creative recommendations to turn your house into a ‘smart home’
  • evolve with the changing needs of your family, budget and schedules

DESIGN interior environments that convey your personal style & taste through

  • creative placement of colour, materials, finishes
  • innovative use of light and energy
  • custom design of every detail – from built-in storage to staircases
  • harmonious arrangement of furniture, art & accessories

MANAGE to save you time and money by

  • sourcing products and materials – everything from custom wood cabinetry to granite/marble countertops to slate and porcelain tile flooring
  • teaching you the ‘designer’s way to shop’, what to look for, how to locate best-buys and quality finds
  • coordinating the 1,001 people and details that ‘make your house a home’ using professional project management methodology


Working hand-in-hand to coordinate with suppliers to ensure timely availability and delivery of all your interior needs:

  • upholstery
  • draperies
  • floor coverings
  • furniture
  • cabinetry
  • refinishing
  • … and more