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Joe Ruggerrio, Designer of SUNBRELLAS

Here I am with Joe Ruggerrio, designer of SUNBRELLAS new fabric collections that I will be featuring in my work! Here is my favorite page from the Sunbrellas web site – Inspiration!

SStaron Design - A. Y. Jackson Studio Kitchen

Designer Irene Staron has an affinity for nature.

It’s what drew her to a modernist cube in the woods built by Group of Seven painter and fellow nature lover A.Y. Jackson. And it was the driving force behind a renovation of the combined studio and home she undertook after buying the property in 2006.

This lovely little Manotick retreat was featured in last year’s 2012Homes for the Holidays tour and is showcased in an Ottawa Citizen Article here.This story was also featured in the Times Colonist here.

10th annual Homes for the Holidays tour 2012

A tour of six homes decorated for the holidays by top florists and decorators.

Background: The Hospice at May Court is at 114 Cameron Ave. Since 1987, it has provided palliative and end-of-life care services to patients and their families regardless of religion or culture in a supportive and peaceful homelike setting. It has day programs and nine beds.



Decoration A. Y. Jackson Studio

An artist’s touch — decorating A.Y. Jackson’s former studio

Maple easels just the start in recreating Algonquin Park

By Anita Murray, The Ottawa Citizen December 5, 2012 12:10PM

Group of Seven painter A.Y. Jackson’s love of nature provided the inspiration for Mill Street Florist’s decoration of the studio and home he built in Manotick.

Stepping into the grand studio that was also his living room during the recent Homes for the Holidays tour, the first thing you notice is the mini forest created on the mantel that stretches the length of the room.

Groupings of birch and delicious-smelling spruce branches with moss and orange and purple orchids nesting in hollowed out bark at their feet made a natural home for a couple of moose statues brought in for the occasion. “I know, kinda crazy but it fit, didn’t it?” laughs Mill Street owner Joanne Plummer. “You can’t have a Canadian wood scene without a moose.”

It was almost like transporting yourself to one of Jackson’s beloved settings; an effect that delighted current homeowner Irene Staron.

“They have completely transformed our home into a little piece of Algonquin Park,” she said on the eve of the tour. “They have truly captured the essence of the space.”

And that was the intent, says Plummer, a Manotick girl and huge Jackson fan. read more…

Homes for the Holidays tour in support of the May Court Hospice Nov. 9 to 11 2012A.Y. Jackson home owner invites residents home for the holidays

Posted Oct 25, 2012 By Emma Jackson and Michelle Nash

EMC community – Step inside the 1950s cottage on Manotick’s Highcroft Drive, and you’ll find a home as dedicated to art as it was when A.Y. Jackson built it.

The house is part of the Homes for the Holidays tour in support of the May Court Hospice Nov. 9 to 11.

The updated home is certainly modern – its owner is an interior designer – but the charms of the Group of Seven painter’s final house still shine through.  read more…