High-impact and highly personalized designs.

Current advertising and media have set trends in, what Irene calls, the “nano-niche” markets – eco products – reclaimed goods – retro and vintage influences – techno flash and glam – the nostalgic return to romance.

The convergence of technology is transforming how and where we work. With mobile and social networking we work at home, on the road, in the air – creating a wealth of opportunity for designers to anticipate and respond to human needs in these new environments.

For homeowners today, these opportunities can be seen as complex challenges. In our global economy where products and services arrive via internet and smartphone, client expectations are high – first impressions and buying decisions are made in nanoseconds.

As a professional designer and marketer, Irene is attuned to these trends and recognizes that homeowners demand to be ‘wowed’. Through her attractive, engaging and humorous personal style, unique in today’s design market, she enjoys speaking out on her design beliefs, elevating ‘design know-how’ to a performance art to deliver a total sensory design experience with the high-impact and highly personalized results her clients expect.